Small Business Marketing

There’s nothing small about a small business. And yet, small businesses often neglect the very thing that would make them even bigger: marketing.

Part of this may be simple budget constraints; part of it may be a lack of time — but the result is the same: businesses suffer if they neglect their marketing.

Fortunately, there may be a solution. Like most things in life, it helps to step back and get a larger perspective. Because marketing isn’t just marketing. Marketing – as in promoting your company – happens beyond ads, websites, social media or events. It happens via customer service, in how you run your workplace and in what your customers say about your business. And that’s just a partial list.

If you’re running a small business, consider these three big ideas for your marketing in the upcoming year. They’ll make you see how your company promotes itself in an entirely new way. They might change how you see a few other departments, too.

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