Cross-Device Advertising

Many advertisers see mobile as a black hole. Consumers spend 65% of their time on mobile devices but much of that time seems un-monetizable. While there’s proof that such advertising works, for many that proof isn’t as compelling as on desktop.

Breaking news! Mobile is actually the primary vehicle to influence consumer purchases. You’re just not able to see it.

When you’re navigating through desktop, mobile and tablets, you’re not only surfing through different devices but also different environments using different user identification methodologies. Building the bridge between all those worlds has been a challenge for the last five years. Only a  few actors of the market have managed to gather cross-device data at scale with accuracy to have an accurate user view.

The good news is that measurement is improving and advertisers have more insights today to better understand their customer path to conversion and how mobile is impacting their business. Consider these steps to help build successful planning:

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